Every aspect of the Donations In Kind operation is run by Volunteers; Rotarians and members of the public. Some work on projects, others have a passion for recycling and all share the joy of helping others and working with people who care. There are opportunities for everyone to be involved, with projects to match your skill, interest, location and time available.


Which Area Would Suit You?



Helping in The Store

Donated goods come from many sources and need to be sorted. They are then packed and allocated to a project, or go into stock. A container is packed and then we start on the next one.       The Store is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays and at other times as required. Some volunteers attend weekly and others are casual, what ever time you have available you are very welcome.




If you have experience or particular interest in an area join one of the work teams who specialize in a particular area. Some of our special areas include checking and repairing sewing machines, grading books, checking and refurbishing computers, medical equipment and supplies etc.    While everyone is productive we still have time for fun.





Working From Home

People can use their craft skills to convert raw material into a finished product. Converting scarfs into blankets for orphans is a good example of creativity combined with sewing skills.


The internet allows people to contribute from anywhere and become part of the Promotional and Management Team. With many people requiring information Rotary people with marketing and computer skills can play a vital role.




In your Club

The first step in joining Rotary is often getting involved in a Rotary project and allowing someone to help Donations In Kind is something anyone can do and is an easy way to start.


Every time you have a public event, promote DIK, encourage people to think about recycling, donating goods or volunteer at the Store. This can be very effective if you have a regular event like a Market. Promotional material is available - Contact David




In your Community

Australians are very generous people who will support people in genuine need to tell them what we do and the goods required. Increasingly people and businesses are realising how important recycling is. DIK is a very efficient recycling operation with a major bonus of giving the goods to deserving people.


Think about your business and clients and please give them a copy of the Corporate Donor details.    For more detail click here