Rotary Donations In Kind gathers material for Specific Project Requests, Regular Requests ? where we know the goods will be required and for Future Projects ? where we know or assume there is a need that will be researched and turn into a Potential Project.


There is also a constant need for packing and shipping consumables including Packaging Tape, Strapping Tape, Framing Timber, Plywood, Plastic Wrap, etc.


The Store also houses Computers 4 Kids which operates in a similar way, recycling Computers and associated items. For more details click here


Freight is expensive which forces us to be selective in the goods we can accept. While there may be a need for bulky items overseas, often the freight cost exceeds their value. Quality is a similar issue if you would not wear it or use it we generally don?t need it.


The following provides a guide to the material we need and detail sheets are available.    If you are unsure about the need for a particular item please contact Laurie prior to shipping.


Goods Required


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Medical Equipment

General Hospital apparatus, Mobility Aids, etc.

More details

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Medical Supplies

GPs, Clinics and General Hospital requirements

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Household goods

Kitchen utensils, crockery, cutlery, pots, etc

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Educational Equipment

Desks, stackable chairs, filling cabinets.

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Educational Supplies

Teacher and student consumables

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School Clothes

Both sexes all sizes

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Preschool Supplies

High demand

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Text Books

Preschool and Primary

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Sporting Equipment

Everything in demand

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Cloth, Sewing machines

More details

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Linen and Towels

Donations from laundries of hotel and hospital linen are always welcomed

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Babies, children and adults

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Packaging material

Packaging Tape, plastic wrap, strapping, etc

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Framing timber and ply

chipboard are used extensively in containers


The above is indicative only and if you have goods that you feel may be of use, please contact the Laurie prior to delivery.


Small quantities can be delivered to the Store during normal opening times.     For bulk deliveries please contact Laurie first, to allow storage space to be allocated.


Obtaining goods for Club Projects

When a Rotary Club develops a project that requires goods, they register the project at the Store and supply a Project Wishlist and a Project Overview Sheet. Goods are only available for projects approved by a Rotary Club Board and where they are given away for free. The goods required for "Regular Requests" are often available as unallocated stock and are shared between projects. Special items may be available in any of the National Stores and the only limitation is the practical one of inspection and shipment to the Store. Where the goods are unavailable locally Rotary Clubs can contact other stores or request assistance through the Networker.



Computers are available from Computers 4 Kids. For more information click here


Wheelchairs For Kids

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Wheelchairs For Kids have wheelchairs available check or Click here More information