This is your Store, it provides our Rotary Clubs with opportunities that are rarely available in other locations.  We live in one of the richest states in one of the richest countries in the world,   Organizations are happy to donate goods for your projects and you have a store to assist with the shipping.  There are also Club responsibilities as each year a new group of leaders are responsible for the stewardship of the operation.


The Store represents the collective effort of many people over many years and the investment of a significant amount in plant and equipment. It often provides Rotary Clubs with the most cost effective way to help people in need.


It’s your Store with large amounts of top quality material for your projects, how will you use it?

The Store can only continue to operate with your support and due to the effort of Clubs in recent years is in the best position ever to help with your projects.



Help to Spread the Message

Promote Donations In Kind, how it helps people and how individuals and organizations can help. Promotional material is available contact David






Help Gather the Goods

DIK has limited staff and relies on Clubs to inspect and collect donations in their area.









Run your own Container Project

This is a great way to help people and something that any Club can handle. DIK has the experience and capacity to assist you in any area where you need help.


Country Clubs don’t be discouraged by distance; your projects can be organized with minimal time in the Store. We ship for interstate Clubs so helping country Victorians is not an issue. Click here for more information (Coming Soon)



Get Involved in Smaller Projects

There are projects available to suit any budget and most interest groups. While you are focused on long term large projects why not run some smaller ones to maintain Club interest. For more information - refer Projects section



Visit the Store

The only way to fully understand the material available and the opportunities, is to visit the Store and look at the things you own.


Please consider having a Club Working Bee or a venue for your Club Meeting or Cluster Meeting. We would love to be your hosts and can open at night or for Saturday Lunch by arrangement Contact Laurie



Help Support your Store Financially

The long term goal is to obtain full sponsorship for the Store and the recent improvements will make this easier. Short term we need financial support from Rotary Clubs and one of the easiest ways to do this is to obtain local grants. The Store is a Recycling Operation run by Volunteers.    Often there are grants available for these areas that Clubs can apply for, all that is required is some creativity when preparing the application. For more information or application assistance contact Bob




For many items there is no limitation on where they can be used. Think of how the goods can be used locally. Develop local recycling projects. The Medical Mobility Aids Project can be adopted by any Club.


Many people who need mobility aids simply can’t afford them and the waiting list for equipment is long. The things they need are often no longer required and are stored in many homes; all that is required is to make the community aware that Rotary provides the opportunity to help someone with a similar problem. Click here for more information



New Generation

Helping young people is not limited to the local community and committees should consider a wider view. There are also many ways that our school communities can help. Teachers and students are passionate about recycling and would welcome the opportunity to get involved.


Adopting a Sister School opens a window that lets student  see how others live and provides them with an early opportunity to help someone in need. Click here for more information (Coming Soon)





Every organization has an obligation to dispose of their surplus material responsibly and this is a principle that Rotary encourages.


It applies to every organization and donating to DIK is often a very attractive option. Please discuss this with the organizations you contact – Click here for more information (Coming Soon)