East Timor

Rotary has been an amazing supporter of the East Timorese people. The West Footscray Donations In Kind Store handles much of the material shipped and is the central shipping point for Rotary nationally. The Western Australian store is also a regular shipper. Rotary’s support resulted in the appointment of a Rotary Liaison Officer in Dili, a position that is unique in Rotary.


Our current LO is Daryl Mills, a volunteer, who has an intimate knowledge of the country and its needs, as well as a close working relationship with many of the senior officials.     Clubs in our District run many substantial projects in East Timor and many Rotarians make regular visits which helps to open doors.


Our contacts and support reduce the challenges associated with shipping donated goods  overseas. These include:-

  • Finding well researched quality projects
  • Finding a project that interests a Rotary Club and matches its resources
  • Defining exactly what is needed
  • Getting goods through Customs without excessive charges
    Because the Government knows we are supplying things their people need, no duty is charged and there are no delays on the wharf
  • Getting all of the goods to the recipient quickly and undamaged
    Daryl contacts the recipients and supervises the unloading of the container and onto the recipient’s vehicle.


Containers are shipped regularly, usually every 3 - 5 weeks and are based on demand. If you are considering making a shipment please advise Laurie ASAP


Do not ship any material before contacting Laurie and ensuring that every item is fully labelled.


We always have goods available that are needed and can be shipped when funds are available.    One of the most practical and effective Rotary Club Projects is to donate funds for this purpose and allow the Store to select the goods to match the shipping space available, the identified needs and the particular Clubs interests. For more information refer Projects section


Helping Other Organizations

Where possible the Donations In Kind Store will help other organizations with similar objectives. Most of the assistance involves the supply of goods or assisting to ship material when space is available in the container.  These organisations contribute funds towards the shipping costs. Note: we are not a transport company and there are limits on the services and assistance we can offer. For more information contact Laurie